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How to make selfie stick

How to make selfie stick with button using Headset /  Handsfree / Wired Headphone/ Earphone  Full HD || TUTORIAL: 

You can easily make a selfie stick at home. just following these steps.

Selfie stick - www.onlinesharetv.com

step 1. Collect a stick. You can use a broomstick.

step 2. Cut a Red Bull can  like this.

Step 3. Cut a Hard Paper and shape it for making mobile phone holder.

Now Add this Paper with the RedBull Can and stick  using Scotch tape 

Finally add a waired hands-free with Volume + - buttons. Now Take Pictures using The volume buttons. For More Watch This Video Tutorial.

Full HD Video Here:

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, it's amazing to make selfie stick in this way but i am pretty sure that you can't make the Black pods with your tricks. lol. check here for more the details regarding Black Pods.


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